Compressed sawdust bricks in addition to cordwood


Mar 8, 2008
Southern Maine
Compressed sawdust bricks are convenient,and I'm thinking of getting some to use in addition to cordwood. I have an outdoor space to store them; I got a recycled industrial caged plastic tank with the top removed,on its side will hold a pallet of bricks. Any comments or experiences to share? My stove is a Waterford Fiona.


Feeling the Heat
Sep 6, 2009
south central NH
This probably belongs in another forum, but I have used them mainly to get a year ahead with my wood supply or mix with wood that is less than seasoned. It will be hard to keep coals through the night for a restart in the morning with just bricks.
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Minister of Fire
Nov 18, 2018
Downeast Maine
I did the same as hockeypuck last winter. Great in a pinch but I feel even softwood is better.