Confused with piazzetta Sabrina manual

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New Member
Dec 26, 2022
Sandpoint Idaho
Good afternoon,
I am having 2 issues with my Sabrina and I am hoping someone can help me.

My first issue is that I am receiving a “service time” message on my screen. So I looked in my manual and it says call a technician as it is 2000 hour requirement.

So I call the store and they have a different manual that has more options in the menu ( specifically menu parameters) but I do not see that option in my manual and I don’t see it when scrolling through my menu.

I clean the stove per the manual and it appears this is just an automated message and I would prefer to clear the message without having a technician come out just to clear the message.

Anyone have any thoughts?




New Member
Mar 9, 2023
I have a Monia and I also get the "Service Time" message. I have cleaned the stove as per the manual and YT videos ( fire pot, smoke chamber, behind baffles, under neath, in back, ran the vacuum over the fans, and vacuumed up the exhaust T after opening the bottom cap. There's only 1 dealer in my state and the next (different locations of the same dealer) .. they are nice, but seem a bit inexperienced. If they aren't doing more than I just did, I would love to know how to reset the timer. Perhaps @Pascal_Maertens has some input?