connecting a morso panther with backboiler to an existing sealed system

tgarland Posted By tgarland, May 17, 2006 at 10:18 PM

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    Mar 12, 2006
    Hi folks.
    I have a morso panther with no back boiler and have decided to replace it with another panther _with_ a back boiler (24K BTUs). I'm trying to figure out what is the best way of connecting it to my existing system which is based on a range which supplies both a central heating and cooking capability . My existing system is a sealed system with two zones (living and bedroom). I spoke to my plumber today about the project and he warned me that connecting the new panther to the existing system would mean that the latter would have to become an open system with an expansion tank and that this might make my existing system more inefficient than it is today and therefore negate alot of the benefit of the new stove which I was hoping would compliment and enhance the overall central heating system in the house. He suggested I look at a "System Link" system (I may have the name wrong here). This system provides its own boiler which would be fed from the two different heat sources (range and stove). This "System Link" would then connect into the central heating system which could remain sealed thus guarantee'ing a more efficient overall system. So, to my questions:

    1. Has anyone heard of the "System Link" system or similar?
    2. Any other suggestions on how best to do this?

    Many thanks

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