Connecting Wood Stove to Stainless Tee Through Masonry Adapter

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Hexa Fox

Sep 19, 2023
West Virginia
Hey people,

Hope everyone is doing well as we approach the New Year! As many of you know I m installing DuraLiner in my chimney. I make progress here and there. Right now I have the cap assembly and liner down my chimney. I have tried to educate myself using past threads from here. I was reading that some liners can contract and expand a good deal. From my understanding my masonry thimble setup is at least somewhat unusual in that the horizontal run is a little longer.

Anyway, I am trying to find the best way to connect my new stove to the tee that is already inside my chimney. I saw a forum here where people were saying to use self tapping screws. I was told I could also use stainless rivets. I decided to go with double wall stove pipe which has definitely slowed down my progress. I did not realize special adapters were required. Anyway, I was hoping to get at least some advice or ideas on what I need to do. For instance, the stuff that is going through my thimble is very thin telescoping pipe. I planned to rivet it together and then tape it with high heat tape. I typed this once because but I am in this very odd situation where 2' of pipe is just a little too much but the telescoping adapter is not enough with a 1' section of pipe which sucks. So I bought another telescoping adapter to bridge it together and obviously want to make certain it works out.

As you guys know this stuff is really expensive and I would rather get it right the first time to not only save myself money but to make sure it is not potentially dangerous either. So what type of screws/fasteners do you guys use? I also hope to get the stove up and running as soon as possible too.