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    Is there a guide (like consumer reports) on the web that will compare stoves from various companies? This is my first time buying a stove (wood burning)- and one place swears by one manufacturer- and another place swears by a different one. I've seen quadrafire- jotul- dovre- regency- vermont casting- Woodstock Soapstone....i just cant tell them apart... thanx for your help.....


    No- there is no "consumers report" of stoves. Years ago- consumer reports did do an article on stoves- and it was so poor that I stopped reading the magazine !

    UPDATE 2004: Try the stove rating database off the link below - HearthNet now has over 1200 consumer ratings.

    Basically- here's the scoop Cast-Iron stoves - VC- Jotul- Dovre - These are usually more decorative and somewhat more expensive than the steel ones. If one catches your eye- go for it. Woodstock - Soapstone stoves - Again- this can be a style decision. They work well, and users have reported great satisfaction with them. <p>Steel stoves. There are a lot of good brands and a lot of similarities between the brands. All things being equal- a non-cat stove may serve you best. Also- be sure that you are comfortable with the dealer you purchase from. This may be more important than the stove brand..

    Link: Stove Rating Database at HearthNet
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