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    We have a insert Lopi Pellet Stove that was in our home when we bought it. There were no instructions or "specs" left for the stove. We guess it to be about 6 years old and is a style without the automatic ignition. This past heating season the blower fan would shut off while the fire was going full blast. We are guessing that the motor may be overheating and the overload is opening thus shutting down the fan. It does restart after a while. Could that be the problem? If it is and we need to replace the convection blower fan motor, where might we find a replacement or better yet a list of parts and some "specs" for our stove?


    Yes, it does sound like the overload went into action. One thing you can try is to make certain the blower is free from dust. There may also be an oil hole on the motor that needs filled.

    Most Lopi dealer have a CD from the parent company with all past stove manuals, parts and other information on it. You can find your LOPI dealer at:

    Link: Lopi Stoves Site
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