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    Anyone familiar with the "Convecto Pane Plus" (by Bennett-Ireland, Norwich NY) fireplace hood/insert, with glass doors, and water poured into it to circulate heat? (?)

    This is in the fireplace in the house that we moved into.It looks like there are (2) air intake vents along the sides; they slide to the left and to the right; does anyone know which way is open and which way is closed? I'm guessing that the right combination of having the top one open and the bottom one closed (or vice versa, or having them both open or both closed) would create a good air flow, but I'm not sure how this works.


    I vaguely remember it....not a top-of-the-line unit, and probably somewhat of a marketing experience. Not use if the water was there to heat, or to provide humidity to the room.

    You can probably guess as to the operation of the air vents by seeing how the fire reacts when you go to start it. Other than that, it's going to be very tough finding info on that unit. Many Bennet-Ireland appliances were sold through mass merchants as opposed to smaller fireplace dealers.
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