Q&A Convert Coal Stove to gas?

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Nov 27, 2012

We have a Nutec coal burning stove which has been wonderful. However, it now has a problem with the shakedown device, which has become detaching from the grates, making shakedown impossible. We might be able to get it fixed, but my husband is arthritic, and would like to consider putting some sort of propane gas device in instead. We have propane hooked up in the house already, but would like to know what would be involved in making a conversion. Also, how would it compare economically to coal? We have oil-fired hot air heat in the house (which is about 1500 sq feet) but in weather above freezing (we are in Southern New England) the stove is sufficient to heat the whole house easily. Your thoughts would be much appreciated.


Sorry to hear about your husband's arthritis.

It's not possible to convert your coal burner to a gas burner. You would need to purchase a gas stove. There are several outstanding models available today. Visit HearthNet's site of manufacturers for more information.

Cost wise, it will cost you more to use an LP Gas Stove vs. your current coal burner to get the same amount of heat. Example, 2000 sq. ft. home. LP Stove @ 70% efficiency, $1.20 per gallon, $17.14 per million Btu's, $1628.00 per season. Coal Stove @ 70% efficiency, $150 per ton, $8.57 per million Btu's, $814 per season. Almost half the cost!

Now, there are several factors involved here. The price of each fuel, relative efficiency of each model, etc. Go to https://www.hearth.com/econtent/index.php/articles/fuel_cost_comparison_calculator/. There is also a link to a calculator that allows you to determine fuel costs based on actual prices in your area. That will help you decide what to do, and costs involved more accurately. Good luck.

Link: Compare different fuels
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