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QandA Posted By QandA, May 20, 2004 at 2:20 PM

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    We have a wood burning masonry fireplace into which we have inserted a wood burning fireplace insert. The insert has an air chamber surrounding it that heats up and has blowers that turn on when the appropriate temperature is reached. It is quite efficient and throws off a lot of heat (heating several rooms) The insert appears to be similar to the gas type fireplace inserts but does not have a flue pipe going up the chimney. We would like to put gas logs in the woodburning insert. We were told that in New York state- we do not need a flue pipe installed but must lock the damper open as there is no oxygen depletion sensors on the units. This seems awfully wasteful as the cold air would come into our family room.<p>1. Can the gas logs be used in the woodburning insert?<p> 2. Can I use a unit with the depletion sensor and open the damper when in use? <p>3. Can the gas logs be used in a wood burning fireplace insert without adding a flue pipe to the top of the chimney. (Note: we have had some backdraft problems- particularly on cold windy days-eg 10 degrees or so.)<p> 4. My assumption is that the gas logs would heat the air chamber just like burning wood in the insert- thus the efficiency would be similar. Is this assumption correct?


    1. No- it is illegal to convert a wood insert to gas
    2. You must buy a whole new insert designed for gas
    3. Any efficient gas insert needs to be lined to the top--if it does not - this means it is not efficient
    4. No- gas is a different fuel and has different needs--a whole new unit is needed to get a good output and for safety
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