Converted wood to gas fireplace help with throat damper

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New Member
Jan 23, 2024
I have a brick and mortar fireplace built in 1970's that at some point had a gas line installed to a stack of ceramic logs. We had a horrible general contractor come and replace the fireplace screen doors. When the contractor left, it was discovered that he removed the the throat damper. I started looking into a cap mounted damper but was concerned about the fireplace filing up with gas if pilot light went out. I think that i should just find a replacement throat damper but seems I cannot find much info on finding the correct type/size replacement and install instructions. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
How would a throat damper prevent pilot light gas from accumulating in the fireplace better than a top cap damper?
The pilot light should have a bulb sensor that detects when the flame goes out and shuts off the pilot supply. If it doesn't have this, it should.
That is good to know and will check to see if there is one. The top cap damper would be my preferred option. Thank you begreen! BTW - i am a greener grad so I like your username!
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