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    We are renovating an old home. There is a full chimney and a wood burning stove, the stove pipe goes directly into the chimney. The chimney is visible in the wall (it cocks out into the room). What I mean is, it's not flat against the wall as a normal fireplace with mantel would be. I would like to convert this wood burning stove into a gas fireplace. Would this be possible? And how would one go about doing it? Would it be expensive?


    Based on your description, it sounds to me like you have a masonry chimney that extends from ceiling to floor in this room, and the chimney sticks out from the wall. And, you want to convert your present wood stove into a gas stove.

    1) You can use your existing chimney for gas.
    2) You cannot convert a wood burning stove into a gas burning model. It's one or the other. The interior has been specifically designed to meet combustion & safety requirements (gas standards) so that it's safe, burns clean, and provides you with a wood-like flame. You'll need to buy a new gas stove, either set up for natural gas or propane.
    3) Discuss with the dealer your need to vent out the existing chimney. He'll have a special kit to do so. They'll provide quotes for you. Prices will vary on the model you choose and the installation.
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