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    We have a home built around 1900 - 1910. It has a an unlined brick chimney with brick dividers inside which accommodates 3 fireplaces arranged in a triangle in the house. Two fireplaces are in bedrooms, one in the living room. We would like to convert them to gas. They have very small openings, about 20" wide tapering to the back, and about 8 1/2 - 9 " deep. We would prefer not to use ventless, or at least to vent it. We would also like to contain the gas appliance within the fire box, not sitting on the hearth. The exterior of each is cast iron and in good shape. Any suggestions?


    That is a really shallow depth. I'm not aware of any logs that meet that specification, but here are some options you can explore:

    There is a new site which handles small fireplace items...try http://www.thevictorianfireplace.com

    1. A decorative sheet metal hood extending out from the face of the fireplace may be a way of extending the depth.
    2. A small gas stove, vented up though the existing chimney with an approved liner would be another option.

    If #1 is possible, you should still consider a lower BTU log and one that does not require as much venting capacity. These are made by Peterson (RG-6 series) , Monesson (Smartfire) and others.

    Link: Small Fireplaces Site
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