converting rumford wood burning to gas insert

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Mar 31, 2021
Markham, On canada
Hi, I'm having a real problem with my old rumford fire place. It never worked well, smoked unless we opened a window. Now I'd like to put something propane in. It seems that a propane log set won't be safe bec. of the draw problem. But I can't fit any gas fireplace insert into the narrow back of the original fireplace. Can I just knock out a few firebrick from each back corner to widen it? Any other ideas? My first choice was gas logs. thanks
PS: I had a mason over to check it last week and the only thing he can see is that the damper is 40" x 5" and he thought it should have been 9" wide.


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Dec 2, 2008
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The easiest way to gas insert in a Rumford is to it into the room as far as needed.
Returns added to the sides surround panel will take up & cover the the gap.
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