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    Dear Craig Please help me with your advice.We have a 950 sq ft house, ranch style, and want to buy a new stove for the living room which is about 400 sq ft. Choices-Intrepid ll, Resolute Acclaim or 3CB. Having experience heating with these, do you think the Intrepid would be a wiser choice because of the cat and the ability to run a more controlled burn (so as not to run us out of the small living room) I like the Jotul and the Resolute, but am worried about getting to big of a stove-so if you have time I would really appreciate your thoughts on this. I can just imagine finally getting a new stove and having it be the wrong size.


    You didn't tell me what climate you live in. In my area (Southern NJ), any of those stoves would do the job with the following comments:

    1. The Intrepid has the smallest fire box and would not burn well for overnight burns.
    2. The 3CB is a nice mid-sized stove...might hold overnight with proper loading.
    3. The acclaim can definitely hold overnight and is very easy to control the burn in.
    4. Jotul has a newer model, the Castine, which is a little larger than the 3CB..about the size of the Acclaim.

    The 3CB and Acclaim would be better choices if you want some heat to spread beyond that room.

    If you are in a warmer or cooler climate than ours, please take that into account.
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