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    I have a CFM fireplace model DV 32. The manufacturers rep says that the per hour operating cost is about 13 cents/hour. However my gas bills are something quite different. Can you help me confirm the manufacturer's claim of 15+ cents/hour? Also- could it be possible that my fireplace is consuming more gas than normal- like a car that needs tune up. What do you suggest to confirm that my fireplace is not "wasting" gas ? Here the details you may need. max input 21500 min input 15500 output 16300


    Based on the figures you have given above- the operating cost of this unit would vary from 15 to 25 cents per hour on low to 20 to 30 cents per hour on High..so the figure they gave you is close to the truth. It is rare- and unlikely that your fireplace is using more gas than usual- because there are no moving arts- and there are safety devices that would probably shut the unit off if it was over firing. So- even at the high of $.30 per hour- if you ran it 8 hours a day- that would run to 80 dollars per month. I hope this helps. <p>

    Since gas prices very greatly, you may want to use the fuel cost calculator at the link below in order to get an exact cost for various fuels.

    Link: Fuel Cost Calculator
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