Could really use some help here....Forge Pellet stove.


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Jul 25, 2020
Ontario, OR
Good morning gentlemen and ladies,

I had a gentleman call into the shop needing work on a Forge Auger Matic pellet stove for failure to feed. After researching it, I was able to determine that its a late '80's pellet stove, and that the company is long gone. I'm pretty sure that parts are next to non-existent, but I'm looking at worse case of it needing an auger motor. I don't suppose there is anyone here that would happen to know what the rotation and RPM of the motor would be? I've already cautioned the fellow that the chance of repairing it is very slim. Thanks in advance for any help that is out there.


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Feb 1, 2010
Salem NH
If the Motor is AC and the output shaft of the motor turns when you put an ac test cord on it, then count how many seconds it takes to make one full Revolution with a stop watch timer.
If it takes 60 seconds to make 1 revolution then the motor is 1 RPM, if it takes 30 seconds for 1 revolution then the motor is 2 RPM.,,,, etc. :)
On most new auger motors you can flip the magnet for CCW rotation if necessary.
Let us know how you make out?