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    Thank you for a very informative forum. An excellent read. I bought a "Country Flame" Wood burning stove that I am in the process of installing in my home. There is no model number or specific nameplate data that would give me clearances, etc. for the stove. I know after reading you forum that for stoves without any info, there should 36" from combustibles from the stove, 18" from the stove pipe, 16-18" from the front (front loader). The stove has an automatic blower built within the unit that comes on when the stove reaches a predetermined temperature. The blower sucks from the bottom, blows out of the front of the stove from the top and sides of the glass doors. This, in my eyes, should quantify for a heat shield on the unit, seeing how the actual fire is in a box surrounded by flowing air (or a void of air if the blower is not on). My question is this. Can I put this closer to the wall without any danger? The walls in the room are made of 3/4 thick tongue and groove heart pine boards.


    I found the address for Country Flame.  You may contact them @ Delinda Jenkins, Country Flame, 1200 Industrial Park, Mt. Vernon, MO, 65712, (417) 466-7161.

    They should be able to give you specific installation information.
    Your stove would be regarded to have a 36" clearance regardless of the "built-in" shield. The NFPA Clearances are generic, and cannot qualify your model for different clearances without further listing information.; Therefore, 36" it is.; However, that's to an unprotected wall.  If you space the wall protector away from the combustible material 1", and allow for air flow below and above the wall shield, you will reduce the 36" clearance by 66%.; The size of the shield is done by taking a yardstick and measuring from the corners of the stove to the wall at all angles to ensure proper protection.
    But, contact Country Flame for more detailed installation specs.


    Link: Country Flame Web Site
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