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Chris S

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Jan 22, 2008
Orange County NY
That's funny, we usually put that stuff through the chipper. For that price I might start boxing it up and DHL ( woops UPS ) it to people.


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Aug 7, 2008
Northern MA
$200!!!!! for a days worth heat...if that. hes building it up too, as if ceder is the greatest thing in the world. "smells fantastic," he says. yeah but for that price, buy a couple bundles at the supermarket and buy an effing candle. that smells good too, plus you'll probably save $180. >:-(

a guy down the street from me had a pile of wood about that size on the side of the street. i asked him if he was getting rid of it, seeing if i could just take it, and he said $50. it was maybe a 20th of a cord, at $1000 a cord ill buy a sweater and keep the thermostat at 55*.


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Feb 29, 2008
Chateaugay, NY
It's amazing what people *think* wood is worth.

My brother in law and I have thought about selling nice white birch rounds in nearby Lake Placid, as the yuppies there on holiday from New York City think its the greatest thing since sliced bread. They really feel like they are "living it up in the country" and love to burn white birch in the fireplace.

There are guys who sell a small pickup load (s-10, ranger, etc) for upwards of $200.

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