Creosote problem finally solved

JustWood Posted By JustWood, Feb 17, 2008 at 5:37 PM

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  1. JustWood

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    Aug 14, 2007
    Arrow Bridge,NY
    After battling a severe creosote problem all winter I finally figured out the problem. Fall of 06 had a local guy make me up a 16' double wall stainless chimney fully assembled (riveted together) ready for me to put up.. He comes highly recomended and uses high quality materials. Last year had a few issues in March but I figured it was because of warmer temps and not burning such a hot fire.This year problems right out of the gate having to clean chimney every week (it would plug solid in about 3 days). I finally got pissed enough yesterday ( and temps weren't to awfully cold) that I took the chimney down and fully disassembled it. Long story short at every 4' joint the sections were only slid half way together making a cold spot (leak) in the chimney every 4' and therefore causing low draft and serious creosote problems. Cleaned the chimney out really good went and got some stainless rivets put it back together and put it back up. Started a fire and now today the windows are coming open . Right now I only own half the tools in the universe but when stuff like this happens I'd like to go purchase the other half because like I've always said "to get it done right you have to do it yourself"
  2. jklingel

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    Oct 23, 2007
    glad to hear you solved it; must have been frustrating as hell. have you talked w/ the guy who made it? maybe he just had a bad day and will do something to make things "right". yes, if i only owned the other half of the world's tools, and had the skill and time to use them.... i hate it when a "pro" either makes a mistake (and still charges full price) or is just a "pro" because he/she gets paid. good luck and enjoy the new stack. j
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