Cutting Frozen Wood

Jimxj2000 Posted By Jimxj2000, Feb 11, 2009 at 12:39 AM

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    Got it all cut up, split and hauled into the backyard over the long weekend. These days, it's more about physical stamina than time. It doesn't get any easier as I get older. Anyway, I'd say there's at least 3 full cords--all of it solid wood. I didn't hit or encounter any metal or other obstacles, which surprised me greatly. The crotch was the hardest part. I had to take it apart piece by piece with an old Jonsereds Model 90 fitted with a 24-inch bar and a ripping chain. A lot of good splitting in those 35-inch, straight-grained rounds from the stem. About 1.5 per loosely-tossed pickup load in my Ford Ranger.

    I was really lucky that this thing "landed" right in the middle of a cold snap. If the ground hadn't been frozen, I would have torn up the yard getting the wood out. As it is, no ruts or other damage that I can see. The only downside is that I got windburn working out there all weekend.
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