Q&A Damper is rotted out - Should we install gas logs?

QandA Posted By QandA, Oct 5, 2001 at 2:20 PM

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    That is the question. We live in Nashville, TN. and recently bought a 60 yr old house with a fireplace that had a woodburing stove insert. We removed the insert only to find that there was no damper. We are VERY confused over whether to put in gas and be done with it, or maintain the feel of an older home with an authentic wood burning fireplace. The cost is approx. $600 for a new damper and not much less to install gas, so cost wise it's a wash. We already have a gas furnace, so there is no worry about running a new gas line. But it's hard to replace the sound, smell, and feel of a wood fire. But it's not much fun cutting wood, cleaning up, hauling ashes, etc..


    It's really a lifestyle decision, but there is a way to repair the damper for much less. There are two companies, Lyemance and Chimalator, who make top-sealing dampers...cost - About $200.00 installed.

    If you want the original fireplace, you still can burn duraflames, etc if you like the real wood fire and sound.
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