Deep dive into the Great Global Energy Transition

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My point was that simply discarding cows as a more than significant source of greenhouse gasses is utterly wrong.
I think you mean "udderly wrong".

Deep dive into the Great Global Energy Transition

Sorry, someone had to do it, I just got here first. ;lol
A year later and many years to come, cows will still burp. Got it;) I’m still going to eat them but fewer. And probably but another BEV. Here is an interesting take on pricing and ROI for EVs.

It’s completely dependent on peak off peak pricing but I don’t see how us “Americans” (you have to watch some of his other vids) are going to be able to avoid the time of use billing. “Dude” (gotta watch more of his vids) if my peak power hits 50-70 cents KWH my house in the summer is going to feel like a tent camping trip to “dingo piss creek” (smart guy telling it like it is down under).

Is vehicle to load going to be significant part of the global energy future?

I always find it interesting that when people talk about doing their part to "save the environment" that they immediately talk ( not picking on anybody in this thread BTW ) about eating less beef.

The red herring in the room is, why don't we consume less milk ? Not to throw our dairy farmers under the bus, but humans don't need to drink milk. Humans are the only species on this planet that drink milk after they are weaned from their mothers. Humans were able to exist on the this planet long before we started milking animals. Do I like milk with my cereal, yep, do I like ice cream, yep. do I like butter, no, do the alternatives suck, yes ( I'm open to suggestions outside of almond milk ). I'm pretty sure a dairy cow puts off just as much methane as a beef cow does. And that hamburger you ate your favorite restaurant was more than likely an old dairy cow.
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It's a moot point. Our kids may be eating filet mignon grown in a lab, sans methane.