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QandA Posted By QandA, Nov 17, 2007 at 8:19 PM

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    I have a new Flat Black Encore (catalytic Unit) installed by the dealer. The stove gives off a smell of something man made burning and eyes begin to burn after a while.....have burned about 8 fires so the newest should all be gone, I believe. It especially affect the ladies in the house. I had expected the smell of wood. The dealer and Vermont Rep say there is nothing wrong and all is normal. Several different people besides myself notice the smell. I have a regular fireplace also and when it burns it smells like wood. I have not accepted the unit (not paid the bill) and have refused until the smell is corrected......any ideas on locating or defining the problem. Does a catalytic unit give off a different smell than a non cat unit? Please email any thoughts ...


    Even 8 times burning may not be enough to burn off all the paint, oils and furnace cement. Due to the time of year, it is probable that you did not burn the unit at a high rate. There are some areas under and behind the stove that take a long while to heat up - and therefore do not get hot enough to cure.

    95%+ chances are that this is the problem....

    Other possibilities are smells coming off your hearth and wall when it heats, other compounds in the air that are being heated when passing by the stove, etc. There are a few Q and A's on this subject...do a search on smell.... and also encore.
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