Dell Point Europa 75

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Oct 26, 2023
My Europa 75 goes through the 15-30 min start up and then shut off, control board goes dark. I have check and cleaned everything. The only code it throws after waiting for cool down and trying again (because quick restart doesn't work if panel is dark) it goes throw the entire start up and and shut down control panel and all. I don't know what to try please help if any idea. Is there a high point sensor or a reset button I'm not finding?
Hi, I just joined because I have a Europa. Well, two Europa. One by Paramax and the other by Dell Point. I cant help you with your question because my Dell Point hasn't run. I'm trying to get it running now. Has yours run before the 15-30 min start up? Do you get an error code when it shuts down?
It goes into start up immediately and has only ran past startup once for about 2 hours then it just shut down put out error codes and goes into cool down and off.
Yes I get error codes. A5 the one about interrupted power supply. No "F" codes re panel but I think that's the issue and or the combustion fan. Maybe a short but panel goes blank then suddenly lights up again. Then again oddly the convection fan wasn't working and suddenly it was and the combustion fan wasn't. Thought it was the vacuum switch. Checked fuses. Gave up for now. Hoping we don't freeze this winter. It's a frustrating system that should be so simple.
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I haven't got my Dell Point up and running, but have used a Paromax Europa for maybe 10 years? It has been a great machine, but the last 2-3 years I started having problems with the Paromax Europa and am looking at getting the motherboard serviced. In the meantime, I'm trying to get the Dell Point running.

Did you buy yours used and are just trying to get it running?
Ah, but it's your main source of heat? I don't know much about the Dells except they had problems. I don't know what the problems were. Could I ask you to send me pictures of your machine? The inside back? The way the auger is connected?

The one I have has got a could of pieces that are clamped together. I'm guessing it was from whomever owned it trying to keep it running. I can't imagine a stove manufacturer selling stoves that had parts clampted together. I'll load a pic to show you what I'm talking about.