Differentiating Jotul 602 UL from non-UL type

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Dec 31, 2008
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Recently purchased an older home with a Jotul 602 stove sitting in a corner of the garage (had clearly not be used in decades). Have decided to try using the stove to heat a large shed. My research into this stove has proven confusing. Contributors frequently make reference to non-UL vs UL types, knock-offs, and scarcity of parts. So I need help determining 6 things: (1) How do I determine UL vs non-UL? (2) How do I determine if this is an authentic vs knock-off? (3) My stove has no burn plates... should it? and if so... (4) Where can I find pictures or manual that might show me which burn plates my model uses and how?, (5) Has anyone fabricated burn plates in lieu of manufactured burn plates? If so, where can I find templates for these plates? and lastly, (6) Are there a recommended materials and thicknesses for DIY burn plates? I can mount a picture of this stove if that would help. It is flat black, says that it is made in Norway, and has the bakelite knob.

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Hey Bigtoasty, This came right from a Google search for Jotul...

http://www.jotul.com/FileArchive/Technical Documentation/Wood Stoves/Jøtul F 602 CB/Manual_F_602_USA_P07_121208.pdf

Take a peek at it. If it doesn't help, there are a couple of more F602 items on the Jotul site, but nothing in the "Older Models" section


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Nov 17, 2005
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If it actually says Jotul - and the castings are smooth, and it has the right b as relief in the site - then chances are that it is a Jotul.

As to the UL and Non-Ul...besides the possible presence of a testing label on the rear....the burn plates, which you seem to be lacking, are one of the biggest differences. On UL models they cover the complete insides on the left and right.....on the Non-UL, they are much smaller and add-shaped pieces. I think the bottom plate also differs slightly, with the UL having a double wall (interior burn plate?)....that part is a guess.

If it says made in Norway, it is probably a Jotul.

There is no guide for fabbing burn plates, but I do suppose they could be made from a relatively light ga. stainless if bends or corrugations were put into it. I know the original cast parts are quite expensive...a baffle and plates could run hundreds of dollars.

Woodman Associates does sell parts for both the UL and non-UL, but they are dear.
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