DIY Pipe/Chimney Replacement Recommendations?

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Som Adhmaid

New Member
Aug 7, 2021
Upstate NY
Hello Fellow Wood Heaters!

I am running a pre-'97 Dutchwest XL 2462 and want to completely replace pipes/chimney from the oval to round 8" fitting at the stove, through the cathedral ceiling, right up to the rain cap for aesthetic and safety reasons. Bought house in January 2020 and while getting the stove started leading to when we can engage the cat, we get a chemical type musty smell if we don't bring the temp up very slowly, so something isn't right. Previous owners definitely overfired this beast...I had to replace a warped grate, and the back and side inner plates were both cracked. They probably were leaving the ash door open while getting it going - not good. I've worked on the stove and it now runs well. We think there's something gone wrong at or inside the cathedral ceiling box connections where inside piping transitions to chimney piping. Piping is 8" outer diameter, approximately a 14-foot straight up shot from top of stove to the ceiling. The current cathedral ceiling support box shows signs of water intrusion based on appearance of bottom edges. Piping inside has blotchy discoloration with variable sheen. Chimney piping has a lot of rust just below rain cap on north side and looks crappy. So I want to replace everything but the stove.

I haven't taken anything apart, so I'm unsure whether inside piping is single or double wall, insulated, etc. and being new to this, I'm not sure what brands/systems are the latest and greatest. a local chimney guy gave me an estimate of $3,500 before 8% NYS tax which seems semi-ridiculous. Quote on parts indicate Jeremias 8" and 6" diameter components. My draft is fine, so I wonder why he was planning to to a 8" at stove to 6" drop? This ain't rocket science, and based on inside stove pipe & chimney piping I've been looking at online, some of his prices seem high. so my contractor friend who has done this work before will be helping, so I need to know what experienced folks....You Folks ;o)....recommend I buy, - what system, and where to buy from, etc.. Other than brand recommendations, I'm looking for pointers on inside 8" piping vs chimney piping. Should all the inside piping be single or double wall? A mix? What type of chimney piping should I get? I'm good on figuring out lengths, just not specifically what types.


Staff member
Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
Based on what they have seen on site they may be anticipating complications. 8" chimney pipe has gotten quite expensive and Jeremias is a quality product. However, if there are no serious issues, this should be fairly straightforward. If you use decent components and do the roof flashing right, then it should work out right. Complications could be on how the original flashing was done, how the support box was mounted, possible rot due to water seepage, etc. Ask questions, plan well and install properly for a safe and satisfactory job. Be wary of "we've always done it this way" shortcuts, even by the contractor friend.
For some comparison parts pricing try here: