DIY - Wood Cart

My own take on the wood cart.

39$ Dolly from Canadian Tire.
2 - (2x3) Top Bottom Plate
2 - Strapping 8ft
2.5" screws and 1 1/4" screws.

Cut 2x3 into 4 - 18" and 5 - 10.5"
Assemble top and bottom.
Bottom outter's are inset 1.5" and an extra middle piece. 2.5" screws
Top is simple square frame.
Cut strapping to 4 - 4' pieces. (you will need an extra 18" piece of strapping)
Inset the strapping that will sit inside the dolly's frame rail. attach with 1.25" screws to boxes.
Front are a bit farther apart.
Then take the 18" strapping and sandwich the frame rail to the upper box. 2.5" screws.

IMG_20181031_124400.jpg IMG_20181031_123423.jpg IMG_20181031_123411.jpg

You are welcome internet. :D

You could take your time and if you have the room, encase in pallet wood and stain.

It's funny. At first I was all about appearance. Wood in a copper tub. Cutesy. Now it's all about the least amount of effort and the most amount of wood I can get into the house in 1 trip.

The house can be nice looking in the summer.
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Sep 27, 2008
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I like it, might have to do something similar when my current one rusts out.