Does high fan/blower speed = some over fire protection?

MarkinNC Posted By MarkinNC, Dec 15, 2010 at 2:45 AM

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    The reason I asked is because this morning I had set my fan on a higher setting tp push some heat (it works really well). I put 3 medium size splits, 3 small splits on the coal bed and stuffed a small round in where it would fit. I re-fired from the coals while I had coffee the closed the bypass damper and went to take a shower. Normally I check on the stove right after the shower but today i was a little slow. When I walked out the bedroom I could smell the hot smell.

    Fortunately the fan was on a pretty high setting. The stove ran strong at 700 on the stove top for a while and then started trending down. I let it burn wide open during this time.

    Tonight as an experiment I packed it full of medium size splits, a round where it would fit and some small splits on the coal bed. I waited until the stove top hit 600 and then turned on the fan at the higher setting (worst case scenario). I ran it wide open and the stove top never got above 740 (800 is overfire for my stove btw). It is trending down now to about 700.

    I know there are a lot of variable like the really cold weather that is increasing the draft, dryness of wood etc. But does anybody run there fan at higher settings so they can push their stove harder or say, take a longer shower? It eats the wood pretty fast but also raises the house temp several degrees quickly.

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