Does this seem right? OAK connection on stove doesn't seem to be a sealed unit.

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Jun 24, 2022
Howdy. I'm getting set to install my used Quadra-fire Classic Bay 1200i pellet stove and will be using an OAK kit. The exhaust and intake will be run up to the top of the chimney and utilize a co-linear cap, about a 23' run at sea-level.

Anyhow, I'm examining the air intake of the stove, it's a 2" opening but directly underneath it is a rough penny sized hole where wires run. Should there be a grommet there, or something I can seal that opening with? Kinda just worried about efficiency of the OAK with that hole there, because I will be drawing air down a 23' tube, logically to me that sounds like sucking air through a broken straw.

What would you guys do?
Try to seal up this hole?

PXL_20231106_150153586.jpg PXL_20231106_150206003.jpg
The OAK at least to me does not help or hinder the efficiency of the stove.
The tightness of the home may hinder the efficiency of the stove.
I use an OAK for one reason and only one reason. I am totally against
using room air which I have paid to heat. Just to see it go up the chimney.
A small hole like that will be just a drop of air in the scheme of things
Just my nickel's worth!!
The OAK design of almost all stoves (that I have seen) is kinda lame, the OAK hose connection just opens up into the unsealed stove cabinet.....really just open to the room. No different than just cracking open a window next to the stove.

They should be a sealed system, sealed to the combustion air input of the firebox, like my Ecoteck / Ravelli.
They should be a sealed system, sealed to the combustion air input of the firebox, like my Ecoteck / Ravelli.
Like Enviro and I believe Harman
All of the higher-priced, top-quality
stoves have a sealed air intake for combustion
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I ran some tests with my old Austroflamm insert when I lived in NH. My install was a vertical 4" pellet vent pipe running up through an insulated Preway metal chimney. I was not able to quantify the efficiency gains but my outside air temp went from 20 deg F ambient outside air to about 70 deg F. Without knowing the air flow you can get BTU's, but there was some "free" heat. This would be a slight efficiency gain for the system. The stove exhaust ran through the 4" pellet vent and the OAK air came down through the annular space between the 4" pipe and the inside of the insulated chimney. I'd have to dig up the old threads to get all the details. Loved the old Austroflamm Integra. It was a tank.
OK so now I realize the OAK kit for the Quad 1200i is a complete joke. I had my stove outside to get ready for paint before I set her up inside. I took my leaf blower and blew into the OAK opening, expecting dust/ash to shoot out of the exhaust. Well it did, but also out of every other corner of the stove. And it blew open my ash pan clean out. That's when I realized using an OAK on this particular stove is not going to be worthwhile. AT first I thought I can seal it up, but then the more I think about it, it'll never work.

I fired up the stove outside to cure the paint for a while, but my hand over the OAK intake and couldn't even feel a hint of suction.

You can see daylight there from the OAK intake, and that would be a view of my stove from the interior side where the ash pan gets cleaned out. Kinda disappointed.

Oh well
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Well…I’m happy to hear I’m not the first one to do this lol…it’s a negative pressure set up and yeah if you increase the pressure inside the stove…it’s going to push out EVERY weak spot…use the leaf blower on SUCK and it’ll pull stuff out that’s never moved. Damn I wish I would’ve shot a video of my first attempt
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