Double wall stove pipe life span

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Trevor Tahclep

Burning Hunk
Oct 13, 2020
Quebec, Canada
I just realized that my Security Chimneys vented double wall stove pipes are 30 years old, presently does not seem to be anything wrong with them so far, cleaned and inspected yearly by a certified chimney sweep who always claims that all looks fine and they are in good operating condition. I am curious to know if any members here have ever had problems with these or any brand of double wall stove pipe. After 30 years should I consider replacing them for peace of mind or continue on as all seems good ?

Many thanks to all who reply,

My outlook on life is....if its not broke, dont fix it. BUT, if you need peace of mind then maybe think about it, but be prepared for sticker shock.
How long is the pipe? how much would it cost to replace and give you peace of mind and another 30 years and is it worth it?
I just removed a section of double-wall DVL on our setup. It has 17 yrs of service with 2.5-3 cords of wood burned annually. The stainless pipe interior looks good in spite of seeing all sorts of conditions from a small pipe fire when we had wet wood to space outs where the flue temp reached 1000º a few times for a few minutes.
How long is the pipe? how much would it cost to replace and give you peace of mind and another 30 years and is it worth it?
From stove top to center of 90 degree elbow is 42 inches vertically, additional 8 inches horizontal length from 90 degree elbow to the Selkirk chimney itself.

The stove pipe is Security Chimneys Double Wall stove pipe 30 years old.

The stove is a Pacific Energy Spectrum Classic which is now 25 years old.

Unfortunately my phone camera does not do justice to the excellent condition this PE stove is in after burning 2.5 to 3 full cords of wood every year during the last 25 years.

Stove Pipe.jpg Stove & Pipe .jpg
I commend you! That looks show room new! After 25 years of hot fires, and its still NICE.....They DONT make them like they used to! Thats a very nice stove.