Dovre DV-400 questions

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New Member
Jan 14, 2023
Mazama, Washington
I inherited a Dovre with a cabin purchase a couple of years ago. After cleaning up the soot and buying some new (expensive but alt brand) logs it has been fine for about two years but not quite perfect. Recently it totally sooted out, burn all the mineral wool and was a mess. I cleaned it out today and had a lot of trouble restoring it to working order (*very* precise log positioning, no wool amongst other things). It's now lighting and burning pretty much as it was, which was never perfect. Looking at this (with the uneven flames, including a tall one that causes sooting which I had previously had the log subdue) what are the next steps? Professional service? New burner? Pressure check?

Dovre DV-400 questions
I’d think having somebody come in to make sure everything is running right is a good idea.
Are you burning LP? What do the burner ports look like where the largest flame is? Does the valve have a variable regular? What is the air shutter set at?
To be honest, the flames look fine to me. Placing Rockwool pieces about the size of a Quarter would make it more aesthetically appealing by camouflaging the blue part of the flames. Don’t cover the burner ports, that can be a cause of sooting. If you have long needle nose pliers or hemostats, you can place them while burning to position them so that the flames lick the edges. Once you got them placed, gently close the font & see how it performs.