Down to my last Holzhaufen and wood id from sandy

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    I started the my first year of wood heating with 4 Holzhaufen's of varying sizes and a standard rack of maybe 1-2 cords. Didn't get a good cord count at the beginning of the season, but have learned alot about full cord v face cord on the site.Think I may have gone through 6 cords so far. Plan to get measurements and an accurate count so I can upgrade from probationary to full membership in the Firewood Horder's Club LTD later this summer. Did find a some of the 2-3 ft bases from tulips we took down a couple years ago. They were trapped behind one of the Hotzhaufens and not I can get the splitter back to them. Also took a pic of the rack. Not sure of the wood type, think it is a maple with a small dogwood mixed in?(see pic of fenceline rack and close up) Compliments of hurricane sandy. Have about 1/2 of c/s/s, the other half is still at my parents ready to split after the snow melts.

    feb4.JPG feb1.JPG feb2.JPG feb3.JPG
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    Six cords burned...that's quite a bit! Do you have enough dry wood left to make it?

    Yeah, I think I see a small Dogwood round on top, and Maple looks like a possibility, though I can't say what type.

    Are those the Poplar rounds in the first pic? We have quite a bit here but I haven't really messed with it. I'll burn some Cherry and soft Maple but I think Poplar is even lower BTU, like 16 M/cord. I think it might punk out pretty quick, and those rounds are on their ends, soaking up water. That stuff may be shot...

    Lotta HH posts lately...always makes me want to build one. :cool:
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    Lookin' good CT

    Always good to have a couple year's worth around.

    Winter is a great time to work on the wood piles IMO.

    Just brought the last wood in the house from my first, and last holzhausen.


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