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    I have a Marco Clean Face - Insulated (model D41CFI) fireplace built on
    top of concrete slab. When the fireplace is not in use there is a
    constant draft coming thru the bottom vent. The damper and air inlet
    valves are closed. I installed glass doors and caulked around the
    fireplace, but drafts still come in. I live in NY where temperature at
    times drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. For cold climate installation,
    there should be insulation between the fireplace and outside wall (or
    chase). However, I cannot verify that and hoping the builder put some
    there. The marble floor hearth extension is cold as ice and I suspect
    there is no insulation between the slab and marble extension.

    I was thinking of covering the vent with weather stripping and removing
    it when I start a fire. What else can I do? Does the problem I describe more prevalent in houses built on slabs versus ones with a basement?


    The problem exists with most metal double wall fireplaces in cold climates. There is nothing between you and the outside temperatures except a piece of sheet metal. So, the entire firebox gets very cold and acts more like refrigerators when they are not being used.

    Not much that you can do except to cover the vent are when you are not using the fireplace. Some people use the magnetic vinyl material that is for making magnetic signs.

    Make certain that you take it off before you start a fire or there will be a fire danger.<p>
    Update 2006: There is a company listed below which makes covers for these vents.

    Link: Draft Decor Covers
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