Draft problems in yurt?

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Nov 28, 2015
Eugene OR
I have a quadrafire 3100 woodstove installed in my yurt, and it doesn't seem to be drafting great.

This stove has 2 air controls. The main air control as well as a startup air control which is on a 30 min timer and allow additional air into the back of the box.

Despite using dry, seasoned wood, the fire doesn't seem to burn great unless both air controls are wide open, or until there is a really nice bed of coals, I can use just the main air control on med-high to high.

My chimney is 15' from the base of the stove to the chimney cap. The manual recommends 14-16'. ~32" above the stove, there is a 90 and the stove pipe goes through the wall. There is 10' of exterior stove pipe outside.

I've never had a bad smoke back event. However when I am starting the fire, if I blow on it a little bit, a small amount of smoke will enter the house.

If I leave the door cracked, the fire rages. I've checked/cleaned the air inlets and they seem to be fine. The yurt isn't a well sealed environment, and an outside air kit didn't seem to help, so that is why I am leaning towards a draft problem.

Do I need to extend the exterior chimney? If so how much? Any other ideas?



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Nov 18, 2005
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In a mild climate with a short chimney you need to do all you can to assist draft. A few things you can do that will help are: connect the chimney with double-wall stove pipe, then replace the 90º elbow with 2- 45s to soften the angle. I would also add two feet to the chimney. It won't be perfect, but these changes should make a notable improvement.

two 45s for flue connect.jpg Yurt stove.jpg

This setup is with a Morso 2110. There's a 12' chimney outside. It will still spill smoke when it's in the 50s outside if one is not careful opening the door, but it burns cleanly with good secondary burn once the chimney is warmed up. I recommended a PE or Enviro stove to the owners because they work well with shorter chimneys, but the owners had their hearts set on the Morso. After a year burning in the yurt they ended up putting a PE Summit in their house with a short chimney and have had no issues.
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