Drolet Eco-65 persistent Err C

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New Member
Dec 30, 2021
New Brunswick, Canada
Hi all,
Several weeks ago, our home received some kind of power surge that took out a few power bars, our satellite receiver, and worst of all, the Drolet Eco-65 pellet stove (s/n 3465).
At first it seemed only the main 7.5A fuse had blown, so I replaced it and powered the stove back on. Poof - the entire control board blew. (The main capacitor(?) was now completely black.) After discussion with SBI support, I ordered a replacement I/O control board. This allowed the stove to power on, but it displayed Error C, the main convection blower immediately engaged, and the control board beeped every few seconds.
To make a long story short, I have since also updated the I/O board software, replaced the touch control panel, the F-160 and L-250 sensors, and the communications cable. Nothing has made any difference; the stove powers on but shows Error C, beeps, and the blower turns on high. SBI support has been painfully slow to respond to emails, and honestly just not all that helpful.
Thankfully I have an electric furnace for heating backup, but the $500 power bill just about knocked me over, and it's not even all that cold in Eastern Canada yet! I'm pinning my hopes on the experts here. Any suggestions would be most welcome.
Thanks in advance,


Burning Hunk
Jan 22, 2017
Sounds like a major short to be flagging the "C" power failure, I'd start by unplugging the ignitor, hit reset and see if the code goes away and attempts a normal startup, you could fire it with Gel starting fluid to see if it runs a normal start up if it goes into the start up mode, if its not the ignitor than maybe a motor or sensor, work you way through them 1 at a time, maybe one is shorted to ground pulling the system down when commanded on. Pretty dependable boards but you need a really good surge protector or better yet a UPS backup for that very reason.