Drolet Spark 2 for small space

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New Member
Dec 31, 2023
Ontario, Canada
Hello. I have been reading all the great information on this forum for months and this is my first time adding. Never had a wood stove before.
We have decided to purchase the drolet spark 2 for our very small cabin in the middle of southern Ontario (No road access, across a river, isolated) it’s 10x10 on the main floor. 10x13 on the second floor. We hope to install it under the ladder. We plan on a double wall black pipe from the stove, to the ceiling, then a stove adapter to attic insulation shield through the ceiling which connects to the chimney pipe that runs through the second floor and out the steel roof. Any opinions or warnings on this setup? Also. We aren’t there very often and the cabin walls are not insulated (only the floor and roof). It gets very cold there and a lot of snow. Maybe a strange question but Is the pipe and stove ok if the air is cold and damp? Also. Would you suggest an air intake?
Thank you
You will only need one section of telescoping stove pipe. Use a fixed length for the top section. What is the ceiling height?

An outside air connection looks easy for this setup but it could be retrofitted if you want to try it without. If you do put one in, be sure there is a rodent screen in it. You might even consider a cap for it to keep insects out while the cabin is unoccupied.

Dry wood will be critical for easy starts and good heat. Have a good setup to keep the stack dry and ready.
Hi. Thank you for the quick response.
Ok…fixed size black pipe on top and then telescopic down to the stove. Got it. The main floor ceiling height is 8.5’. I will wait then for the air intake if it’s not critical. Thanks for the tips on critters and insects. We had cluster flies move in this fall and need to better seal up the cabin in the spring. We should be good to install the chimney within the next couple of weeks. Hoping for a somewhat mild day. Planning on putting a shed roof out the back of the cabin for wood storage and then storing some inside (but there isn’t a lot of space). Might be too late this year ( the river is getting higher) and the journey a little more difficult 😣 but if we get this done, it will be nice and warm inside (eventually).
Thanks again
If the stove is directly under the ladder, is there enough room at the top to exit the ladder and move around the chimney?
Not a ton of space and not ideal but we are working with such a small area. It gives us 24” of floor area to get up and around the pipe (stay thin) We are looking at getting the pipe closer to the corner (as close as we can and staying within safe clearances).
Definitely use double-wall stovepipe for reduced clearances and a less severe burn if touched. If you can provide more specific dimensions showing the combustible surface distances behind and alongside of the stove, there can be a way to move it a little closer to the outside wall by using proper wall shielding.