Drolet Spark 2 clearance question.

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New Member
Dec 31, 2023
Ontario, Canada
Hello there.
Tomorrow, we are starting the wood stove install on our new drolet spark 2 in our very tiny cabin. Under the stove we are placing a sheet 4’x4’ 20 gauge metal. Behind the stove is my question. Minimum distance behind the stove needs to be 6” (with a double walled pipe) to combustibles (which is the entire wood cabin). Wondering if it if would be safe to place 29 gauge left over roofing with 1” spacers? Would I need anything else? Not sure I want to leave the wall bare. Thanks in advanced.
Yes, it would be perfectly safe if desired for more peace of mind, but it is not necessary. The back of the stove is shielded. That is what achieves the close clearance.