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    My Dad installed a 55 gal. "Enderes" woodstove kit in the basement quite a number of years ago. It hasn't seen much use. He has since passed away and I have been told it is dangerous to use at it uses the same chimney as the furnace. The barrel sits 1 ft. from the chimney; it has 3' of stovepipe upward with an elbow leading into the chimney. The latter distance being less than 1 ft. It enters the blocks surrounded by what looks to be a clay circular fixture. The oil furnace is directly opposite the woodstove and enters the chimney about 8 inches above the woodstove's flue. The heat in the house is oil (base-board hot water). The furnace gets serviced twice yearly. The service rep says the chimney is clean. Scrap wood from my shop is the only wood burned.Besides the obvious of exposing chemicals to the air which would ignite-is there a danger if the stove is well-watched- etc... There is not enough airborne sawdust to do any harm (I think) When I do start a fire-it is just enough to warm the basement a little (a couple of hours)Thanks for your help.


    There are a few problems here:
    1. Under most building codes- you cannot run both into one flue.
    2. The unit is probably not approved by UL or other testing lab.As far as safety- I can't really give you the proper advice because I can't see the setup. If the chimney is sound- and the unit installed correctly - it IS possible that it could work safely...but the issues above still remain. Also- most books I've seen recommend to install the woodstove below the oil appliance..cause if soot built up in the chimney (and dropped down)- it would clog the wood stove as opposed to the oil.<p>
    All in all (and according to most codes), a separate flue is the best way to go.
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