DSP to flue collar ?

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Burning Hunk
Jun 6, 2017
I have a new PE T5 Alderlea and am using Selkirk DSP (double wall stove pipe). I have used single wall stove pipe in the past to connect to the flue collar which is very easy to install.
My question is: when I side the DSP pipe damper section over the flue collar, the pre drilled holes on the outer DSP drop below the pre drilled holes in the flu collar. If I line up the holes, the inner part of the DSP fits loosely in the flue collar. So do I completely seat the DSP damper section on the flue collar and drill holes in the outer part of the DSP, then run self tapping screws from the flue collar into the inner crimped section of the DSP like you would single wall?
Or would I tap the holes in the flue collar and use bolts through the outer wall of the DSP?
I’ll put up a couple pictures.
Thanks in advance
DSP to flue collar ?DSP to flue collar ?DSP to flue collar ?
This is fully seated
DSP to flue collar ?DSP to flue collar ?
First, verify that the fit of the adapter into the flue collar is snug. Some stoves don't need the adapter.
I don't know about DSP, but the fit of DuraVent's DVL damper adapter into an Alderlea flue collar is poor and too loose, making it leaky. Whereas a straight length of DVL fits snugly into the stove's flue collar.

Try a straight length of the DSP pipe to see if it fits tighter than the damper adapter. If the fit is the same and both fit snugly, then you will need to drill new holes that match the flue collar hole locations.

Are you sure a damper will be needed for this installation?
Not sure if it will be needed but I’d like it there vs not being there. I guess I could eliminate it in the future.
As for your recommendation of trying a regular section instead of the damper, it didn’t make any difference. Looks like I’ll be drilling new holes.
I have a chimney guy coming Saturday so I’ll ask him what he thinks too.
If the crimped inner liner of the DSP adapter fits tightly into the flue collar without bottoming out on the outer jacket, then it should work ok. I don't know why the DVL is undersized.
It did. Just drilled holes a little higher.