DuraLiner DIY Questions?

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Hexa Fox

Sep 19, 2023
West Virginia
Hey guys,

So recently begreen recommended taking a look at DuraLiner and I was hoping to get some feedback from others. The biggest concern is obviously whether or not I am going to be able to do it myself.

1. I thought I needed to with oval because my chimney flue is 11"x6.75" and would not fit with anything else that needs and insulation blanket. So the DuraLiner round is 6 5/8" which comes out to 6.625". I think that mine is even a little over 6.75" I was just being conservative but that is still going to be a tight fit, thoughts?

2. So another major concern for me is how this stuff gets secured? For instance, the DuraLiner tee is a simple "press fit" through my thimble into the wall that meets the tee. So isn't it going to be moving a little while it is heating up and cooling off? Especially on windy days? Plus if I understand correctly it all just 'hangs' in place? The only place it seems to be actually secured is at the chimney crown?

3. I had a tech tell me on the phone that there is an insulation blanket inside of these but she said some people do opt to wrap them in insulation blankets, do they need this? She did say it is obviously not required.

This community has been a huge help and I appreciate all the feedback and aid I have already received and probably will continue to receive.
6" Duraliner oval is 7 1/4" x 4 3/4". There is no need for additional insulation. It is a zero-clearance product.

Download the Duraliner installation guide to better understand how it goes together. Call their tech support line for specific concerns.
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