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    i just purchased a Dutchwest Large convection heater for hole house heating, and relined my masonry chimney with the corrugated ventrinox system. It has a flat grate. would the addition of a separate steel or cast iron grate gain me anything. I have a steel grate from a fireplace (new) that fits perfectly in the DW firebox.

    I have read your entire database of Q & A and have seen some nerve racking responses to Consolidated DW stoves. Mine is supposedly american made, and I just hope i did not get a pig in a poke as the saying goes down here. My home is approx 1,650 sf. Do i have a rebuild to look forward to every 3 or 4 years with this stove? I heated for 18+ years with a now defunct Birmingham (Atlanta) stove #124 or 126, and only replaced the grates (1 of them) in its entire use. Maybe i should have kept the old stove around


    The newer ones, and especially the most recent couple years (which I assume yours is) are very good stoves and should serve you well. Still, expect a bit more replacement parts as newer catalytic stoves have more moving stuff inside them. However, rest assured that the stove is fine..in fact, I can now (as of 1998) say that I'd buy one - it's a good stove and a good value.

    As mentioned before, the earlier (pre-1990 or so) models were marketed through direct mail and very poorly made.
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