DV3732 beeping

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New Member
Dec 29, 2022
Seattle area
We recently had a Heat-N-Glo DV3732 fireplace installed. We like it. We got the fancier RCT-MLT remote.

When the Auto-shutoff goes into effect, the fan stays on and the fireplace beeps every 3 seconds. Why does it do this? The only way I have found to make the beeping stop is to turn the fireplace on again and then turn it off manually.


Jan 3, 2015
Sulphur, La
Auto-off appears to be a safety function of the remote activated after 9 hours of continuous operation. Manual off and on by the remote is the reset for it.
There is also a safety feature that happens when the remote is over 20ft from the receiver that will turn the flame off and will emit 10 consecutive beeps and then 1 beep every 3 seconds until communication is restored. Low remote batteries can cause distance issues also.
Attached is a manual for the remote control.


  • RCT-MLT-HHT Remote Control - Accessory Manual.pdf
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