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    Maple1, You got me thinking so out to the boiler I go again with manometer. I zero out the manometer and while i'm unrolling the tubing and getting copper pipe attached the liquid is climbing on the meter. zero it out and it climbed a little again. I was zeroing it out without any tubing hooked to it. So I hook the tubing/copper pipe up to it and zero it out again. Waited a minute and it stayed on zero. slipped the tube into stack under idle conditions and it slowly moved up to about .02. When the boiler fired on it made it's way up to between .04 and .05 and held there. Got pretty windy while I was doing this and it never went above .05. Between .02 and .05 is where my manual says it should be so I think I am good!
    However that is with the baro maxed out. So if I ever add a length of stack I'll probably have to add some more draft. When I say baro maxed out I mean the weight for balancing. The damper is only opened 1/3 of the way or so when unit is fired unless a good gust of wind goes by.
    I believe my whole problem was operator error on my part. I should have zero'd out with everything hooked up but not inserted into stack. Any other feed back from anyone is always welcome.
    Maple1, thanks for all your help and input. I really appreciate it. Also to all other posters, Thanks.
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