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    I just got a used Earth Stove 710 and it has 10 2"x4" red tiles just below the door. A few are missing and wonder who might have some. Since Earth Stove will not give out any info at all on the stove! Also looking for the Flame Tamper Auto Thermostat that is located on the front.

    I have going through the digest of questions for the last few hours and I am very impressed with the info.


    Earth stove has gone through a couple of incarnations, so the current Earth Stove is probably different than the one that built your stove. These tiles were probably something off the shelf, so you'd have a tough time finding them. Maybe you can replace them all with cut tiles of some other style.

    As far as the thermostat, this could be tough too. Try some of the contacts at https://www.hearth.com/partsplace.html

    Link: Leads for stove parts
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