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Oct 13, 2007
South Central Nebraska
We have a 2800HT Earth Stove insert in our fireplace. The fans are SO noisy, I want to remove them for service, perhaps need bushings, or something?
Any help on how to remove that face plate? It appears to be just pressed on, but does not come off easily. I am afraid to put too much pressure in case I am missing something.
The manual with the stove is less than helpful and of course they are out of business.
Thanks for any input!!
I have the 2800HT as well. Those panals just pop out on mine. It does take a little work to get them out. The fan is definetly noisy. I just run it on low. I have yet to see (hear) a fan on any stove or insert that is not noisy or annoying. Let me know if you come up with any ideas!
The fan is noisy on my freestanding earth stove, so I use a router speed control box to slow it down. It made a real difference in noise level, and circulated the air more to my liking.

Keep in mind, my fan did not have any controls on the stove at all, so all I had to do was to make sure the control was rated to handle the fan motor. If your stove already has controls for the fan, you will need to be particular as to where a speed control would need to be wired in and not effect any switches or control that need full voltage power.
the covers sort of are press fit, and they do pop out, pry the BOTTOM out first, and then the top will come down and out.

I replaced my fan motors last year, they are common little C-frame motors.

Jakel brand if I recall.

I even upgraded to the next largest size that would fit easily.
they were about $4.50 each from

I am not sure they have them anymore though.

they are open frame motors and easy to clean and lubricate.
IM sure you could disassemble them and replace the worn bronze bushings as well.

Ive got the BV4000 Earthstove.

from what I can tell, it is identical to yours, except mine has a catalytic combustor in place of your re-burn tubes.
I am generally pretty happy with my Earth Stove 2800HT. The fans are noisy, but I don't think I have encountered a similar stove with fans that are much less noisy. I recall that the manual mentioned that there are 2 different fan options: plastic blades and metal blades. They said that the plastic ones are less noisy, but they can melt if you let the stove get up to high temps without running them. Mine has a temperature-controlled switch so as long as it it is plugged in they start when the heat gets high. Mine also has a speed control knob, so I can turn it down to a level that is lower than dinner table conversation. When you get those front grates off have a look at the fans. If they are metal, the OEM plastic ones might be quieter.

Also, between the fan covers and the surround there is a fair amount of sheet metal. I find that various buzzes and rattles develop every so often. Sometimes a gentle thump quiets them, but others are really persistent, and could easily be confused with fan noise. Be sure to listen to the fans running with the grates off.

By the way, Earth Stove seems to be part of Lennox. The Lennox web site is working, so I would guess that they are still in business.

I am a little uncertain about how hot to run it. Perhaps I will ask for advice in another post.
I had a look at my Earth Stove to remind my self about the grates over the fans. There are a couple small sheet metal screws along the outer edge of the panel. When I unscrewed those I was able to take off the whole panel.
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