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Oct 7, 2022
West Chester pa
so I got given an earth stove. Insert by my in-laws. They were very excited to have us use it. Yay. Well, it didn’t fit in the house, but I needed a stove in the garage and workshop. Just finished installing it and I used a Rockford chimney expandable single wall pipe. That goes up to the appropriate double wall chimney and out the roof etc. Problem is, there is it creosote dripping down the outside. I burned it with the damper, buffer open for a while to burn off the volatile on the chimney, and then banked it. a little while later I saw creosote dripping down. I installed the single wallpipe with the male end facing up , and the female end facing down. Yeah, the wood could’ve been more seasoned, but am I right and assuming I installed the single wall pipe upside down? crud.
Yep, male end points down....
The reason liquid is dripping out is the pipe is backwards, but once up to temp, liquid should be minimal.

Above 250*f to the top, water vapor in the venting system rarely condenses.

Are you using a thermometer to know when to close it down, and how much you can close it?

How high is the single wall pipe above stove where connected to chimney?
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So theres about 68 inches of single wall, from top of stove to bottom of double wall and ceiling support piece. The liquid is really small amounts, like maybe I don't know, 1/4 ounce or something. But it smells a bit, and fumes from creosote aren't exactly good for you. I will flip the pipe, and re cement it in. Annoying but hardly disastrous. I have a chimney bimetal thermometer, by the way. I'm figuring out when to turn it to catalyst. Work in progress. :)