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    Dear Craig-Have enjoyed all the great info at this site. We purchased one of the first models of the earthstove this summer and I have a few questions you might help me with. Stove was built in Montana and is in good shape. It has a trivet on the front. Can we consider this a fairly efficient stove for its' age? There is a small pipe running across the top of the firebox with holes in it-is this to get a secondary burn? Are there any tricks or traits to this stove that you know about? The stove has a stack mounted blower with it- Magic Heat-are these ok or do they pull the stack temp. down to much creating creosote? Finally, do you know the value of this stove? Any answer will really be appreciated- Thanks Steve


    An older Earth Stove would not be nearly as efficient as the newer ones...probably in the 40% to 55% efficiency range - still much better than a fireplace or Franklin Stove. The Magic Heat is a series of tubes that allow the hot smoke to pass over them...a small fan then exchanges the heat into the room. On an older stove this may result in some additional heat. As far as the creosote goes, this is different depending on the wood, chimney, etc. Keep and eye on it, and if it seems bad, remove the Magic Heat. An older stove such as yours is probably worth $200. - $350...

    12/2007 It should be noted that Earthstove was acquired by Lennox hearth products earlier this decade and they discontinued the brand. They still have technical information and offer parts for limited models though. The "earthstove" link below takes you to the lennoxhearthproducts website.

    Link: Earth Stove
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