Flue pipe heat reclaimer and Creosote remover

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Douglass KS

New Member
Feb 1, 2023
Douglass Kansas
I have a Regency F5200 wood stove. It has cat., 8" flue pipe that is around 30' tall, it is the insulated flue once it leaves the basement. I burn hackberry and commonly get stove top temperatures between 450 and 700 degrees. They highest temp that I have seen on the outside of the single wall flue just below the basement ceiling is 450, with around 300 being common. Both temps taken with magnetic dial thermometer. House is large and I want more heat, I am trying to make this stove my only source of heat. Would adding a flue pipe heat exchanger like the Magic heat Heat Reclaimer, cause issues with creosote buildup?
Would the use of a creosote remover like Rutland 98 Dry Creosote Remover remedy this and keep chimney cleaning to just once a year. Is there any negatives to using this product (like rust steel)? I can open bypass when using it, if it would hurt cat.
From sales info on Magic heat, It is designed for use with all types of heating equipment with inside flue temperatures exceeding 350 degrees and skin temperatures of 250 degrees. Is it common for the inside of the flue to be 100 degrees hotter than the skin?
Do you have a key damper?
Yes it will cause creosote problems and no you can't run creosote remover it will destroy the cat.
Regrettably, that excess heat in the pipe is the engine powering your stove. A necessary evil to keep everything running smoothly and for a long time.
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The stove is what produces the heat, not the flue. Adding a stack robber to the flue on a cat stove is asking for problems. It's also ugly and the fan is noisy. Invest in better insulation and sealing of the house instead. That will pay off year-round.
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And you probably need a pipe damper. With a chimney that tall you are almost certainly overdrafting
And you probably need a pipe damper. With a chimney that tall you are almost certainly overdrafting
That's a much cheaper option and safer too.
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