East - West Load question

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Aug 25, 2022
I have a Regency I2500 Insert. It takes 16" logs N/S and 18" E/W. Before I got the Insert, A lot of my wood was cut to 18". I have some Pine and slightly punky Ash this length that I am burning now. Consequently, those pieces have to go in E/W. I am noticing that towards the end of my burns that I have effectively chunks of Charcoal towards the back. I am attributing this to the East West pieces limiting the Air that gets to the back by acting as a wall. I don't necessarily see this as a problem , but should I be doing something different? I am thinking maybe alternating with 16" NS pieces on the bottom with 18" E/W pieces on top of those.
That works, however the top 18" pieces tend to roll/slide towards the front at the merest provocation, or simply during the burn unprovoked. You can combat this by placing your wood strategically. I just pull the black coals forward near the end of the burn and get them hot that way.
On a cold start I find by putting two pieces of kindling or short splits N/S than 2 to 3 splits E/W on top gets air flow front to back. I will continue to put a few splits diagonally than a few smaller ones on top. I place a few smaller cutoffs or chunks on each side. This morning I had 10 pieces in the stove. I have not had problems with logs rolling on glass. Usually charcoal is the result of incomplete combustion. I have had this on fires that were not on the hotter side or if I turned down the air too much. On reloads I rake all coals forward so any black ones will burn on the next load. If I have too many coals I place a long piece of bark on top to burn them down.
I would just position so the wood doesn’t fall forward. My insert is East West and it’s a PITA
I load mine any way that the wood will fit in. I have never seen a difference is loading one way or the other. It all burns.
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if you leave a trough in the ashes from the air inlet to the back of the stove you should get better airflow to the wood in the back