Econoburn first fire!! & some ?'s

mtnmizer Posted By mtnmizer, Mar 5, 2009 at 2:13 PM

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    Jun 19, 2008
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    -- I finally lit the boiler off---very satisifing to
    see it come together.. Many thanks to all who have taken
    the time to answer all of my endless questions and who have posted
    the critical information for everyones benefit.

    My plumber and his apprentice made
    the final tie in to the main system on monday. Small short
    fires for the first few per the manual then I'll push it up higher.

    I'm getting a pretty strong ghost flow from the gas boiler when
    the wood system is off. Any suggestions on how to stop that would
    be appreciated. I'm able to stop it at the main circ pump iso flanges for now
    but need to address it better .. Perhaps
    a spring check valve inline?

    Also I found out that local code requires all houses to have soft copper
    K for the service entrance line. I was able to bring home a few hundred feet
    of 3/4 K in short pieces of maybe 20-30 ft @ scrap price...A nice
    score to be sure..Anyone have a surefire way to make some coils? I'm
    thinking of wrapping it around a large piece of pipe using one of those
    spring bender devices...
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